Why I’m doing this newsletter

I’ve done roughly 150 town halls in the last two years of campaigning, and it’s become clear from the experience that connecting directly with people is one of the most important parts of elected service.

Now that we’ve won, I want to keep it going - but I also want to expand it.

Part of that is going to be giving people something we don’t see often: a first-person, weekly account of serving in Congress.

I won’t have an abundance of time to do a lot of writing - so I’ll make it quick - but then again, you don’t have much time to read. So maybe it’ll be a match.

There’s no premium/paid version. Totally free.

Why does connecting directly with people matter? Because transparency is good in and of itself and you should expect more than you get from people in my position.

But there’s another reason: If we’re going to turn the page on a pretty dark chapter in American politics, we need more people in my position to use their platforms to inform, not just provoke. I’m a member of a party, I have a political perspective, and I’m certainly fallible. But I’m not nuts and I’m not dishonest. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you should be able to read my updates and not have them ring your B.S. alarm. And that’s a healthy contribution to the political discourse in a moment when it really needs some rehabilitation.

In the back of my mind, I also have the sense that someday, far in the future, great-grandchildren of mine I’ll never get the chance to meet might read these words, and to them I’ll probably exist only as the person who wrote them. And I’d like to make them proud.

Hope you’ll follow, and wishing you all the best.


Jeff Jackson
Congressman-Elect (NC-14)

P.S. - From our family to yours, thanks for following and please be in touch anytime.

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